Flavour so good you’ll try to eat with your eyes

Tasty BITE


Beef patty

Chorizo & arepa

Red Sausage and corn tortilla

Patacón & beef

Shredded beef and fried green plantain

Chicharron & arepa

Pork Belly and corn tortilla

Special Patacón

Fried green plantain with guac, pico and shredded cheese

Yuca & Guacamole

Fried casava and Guac

From La Calle


Choose your fav: veggies, Chicken, or beef –  1 Side

Chicken Wrap

Filled with shredded chicken, beans, sweet corn, and sweet plantain in creamy guacamole – 1 side

Chicken wings

6 pieces in BBQ, habanero, honey mustard, garlic parmesan, OR mild spicy sauce

Crispy Sandwich

Breaded chicken breast, bacon, and pico de gallo. –  1 Side


Chicken hotdogs and french fries


1/4 Chicken

1 piece – 1 side

1/2 Chicken

2 pieces – 2 dides

Whole chicken

4 piece – 3 sides

Family Meal

6 piece – 3 sides

Chicken Breast

2 sides

Crispy Chicken

Breaded chicken breast – 2 sides

Mushroom chicken

Chicken breast with mushroom sauce – 2 sides



Steak, chicken, chicharron (pork belly), chorizo, sweet & green plantains, yuca, potatoes, rice, and beans.

Chicken And Steak

2 sides

Grilled Steak

Marinated sirloin flap.

Add mushroom sauce + 
2 sides


Typical Colombian Dish

Our version of the traditional – Bandeja Paisa


Steak, chicharron (pork belly), chorizo, creole potato, green plantain, and arepa

Arroz con pollo

Pulled chicken, rice, and vegetables mixed – Also in family size


White corn tortilla filled with sautéed vegetables, chicken, beef, chicharron (pork belly), or chorizo. Add protein for $3


Mr. Pollo salad

Sweet corn, Black beans, lettuce, carrot, onion. Add Chicken

Cesar Salad

Chicken breast, lettuce, carrot, parmesan and croutons.

Mr. Pollo Jr.

Cheese Burger Kids

Beef and cheese – 2 sides

Chicken Breast Kids

1 side

1/4 Chicken Kids

1 side

Chicken fingers kids

3 chicken breast tenderloins – 1 side

Crispy Chicken Kids

breaded chicken breast

1 side


Latinamerican soda

Manzana Postobon, Colombiana, Inca Kola, Tropical Manzana o Fresa

Natural juices

Mango, Lulo, blackberry & passion fruit

Soft drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Lemonade

Tinto Colombiano

Colombian Coffee



Tres Leches


Caramel Flan


Daily soup

Sweet Plantains

Fried Yuca

White Rice

French Fries

Green Plantains


Red beans and rice MIX

Black beans and rice MIX

Black Beans

Green Beans

Red Beans

Sweet Corn

Creole Potatoes

House Salad

White Rice with Vegetables

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